“Life is a rollercoaster ride and I don’t intend on being the one screaming and hanging on for dear life.” -Logan Lerman
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It’s been an entire year since I posted something for you Lermaniacs! I really miss this blog!

More stuff coming soon! If any of y’all remember me, hit me up in my ask! :)

im so so so so sorry bitch, but if you are a real fan of logan, you will know that he tell in a interview that he doesnt has a twitter, you are a big fake and bitch

You must feel like a complete fucking idiot for asking me this. If YOU we’re a real Logan fan, you’d fucking know what resources to look at.

HEY! What's the real facebook of LWL?

go look for him

do you know Logan personally or something? or are you just a fan? and how are we supossed to know if the fb account that "he" accepted you on is really him?

Well, If you know D.Pash, then you’ll know that’s one of Logan’s good friends. 

unfollowed. I love logan so much of course but you are NEVER on and there are many other great (unlike yours) logan blogs. sorry

Don’t worry bro.

wait, can you explain the icon international thingie that's going on?

Apparently, Icon International (and/or) photographer David Factor, want Logan’s photos to be removed from all websites and blogs. If you try to look for that photo shoot on other websites, they’re taken off. 

I missed this blog.



Hey, just a head's up: Tumblr is removing all the Icon International images of Logan. No joke. I posted one picture and was so proud it got over 200 notes, this morning I go on Tumblr and it's gone. Maybe it's only the ones where the "Icon International" was removed, I don't know.
Apparently this happened to other people, so I just wanted to be kind and let you know!

I heard about this. Thanks for the warning! It’s so unfortunate how us Logan fans get really excited to see new photos of him, then find out there’s something wrong.

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what's logan lerman's twitter?




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